Tips & Tricks: Why Am I Locked Out Of My Project?

Posted by Costa Bitar on Jul 20, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Ever wondered why you're unable to access your PRISM project at a specific moment in time? Especially during period close?

There are times when you will need to access a project but can't because someone is logged in as ‘Exclusive’. It can be incredibly frustrating - but there is a solution!

The Online Users form, accessed via the Information icon, lists all the current PRISM G2 users, their contact information, and the project they are currently accessing. This lets you see who is currently logged in exclusively in the project(s) that you are attempting to access.

If for some reason the user(s) cannot be contacted (or may potentially have forgotten to log off), you can contact one of your system administrators who can end the referenced user’s session and clear access back to the project.


To View Online Users:

Click the "PRISM Information icon" (top right corner of PRISM) and select "Online Users".


The below screen will then appear, showing the list of online users along with their contact details and the projects they are currently accessing.




There is also a “Notify Online Users” button at the bottom of the Online Users form that allows you to communicate with all the users online through a pop-up message box.

After hitting the "Notify Online Users" button, a text box appears as seen below. 



When you hit "OK", the below message will be transmitted to all online users. Easy! 



 And that, PRISM fans, is how easy it is to gain access to a project when someone else has locked you out of it!

Topics: Project Lifecycle Management, Helpful Tips, Efficiency