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Posted by Gail Medley on Jun 28, 2016 8:30:00 AM

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Spreadsheets can be a fantastic resource. They're great for importing and exporting, analyzing small amount of datas, and creating simple reports. However, they are not a smart way to manage your projects, particularly large ones. 

Projects contain vast amounts of data - and spreadsheets simply aren't an effective way to organize and analyse the data. 

ARES PRISM worked with a large organization recently that had an immature project controls system that was limiting their ability to effectively use their data to manage project risks and changes. Ultimately, the organization was at risk of not meeting project goals, as their data was lost in silos, unorganized, and consistently did not represent an accurate snapshot of the project.

You guessed it - their project controls system was centred around the use of spreadsheets.

Using spreadsheets as a project controls tool leaves room for:
  • human error
  • data silos
  • inaccurate calculations

Luckily, they found ARES PRISM. ARES PRISM is an enterprise project lifecycle management solution that had the capacity to meet all of their project’s needs.

With PRISM they were able to: 

  • Use Integration & Bidirectional Exchange of Information: With PRISM G2, they can depend on the built-in data exchange and seamless integration with other project management tools.
  • Improve Approval Cycles With Change Management: With PRISM G2, they have been able to improve their approval cycles for changes on their projects and provide visibility to clients.
  • Reduce dependency On Spreadsheets: Because of PRISM G2, the organization was able to reduce their dependency on spreadsheets.


To learn more you can download our case study: New Call-to-action

 This case study shares how a large Engineering & Construction organization in North America used PRISM to improve quality and consistency of data output. The company was able to greatly improve data analysis by standardizing business processes, improving approval cycles with change management, and reducing dependency on spreadsheets.  

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