Introducing PRISM G2 Version 4.3

Posted by Gail Medley on Nov 8, 2017, 9:00:00 AM

We are proud to introduce the newest release of PRISM G2 - Version 4.3!  Since the release of Version 4.0, PRISM has introduced an array of exciting features including a centralized change management module, improved reporting, staffing plan updates, and new calculations. 


  • Centralized Change Management Module

In our Version 4.0 release, we set up change management as a completely separate module. This helps you to track changes in Cost, Engineering, and Field centrally; no more creating changes for each one separately!

  • Schedule Module

Schedule was also split out into a separate module. Now, regardless of which module you're using, you are able to integrate schedule information seamlessly.

  • Japanese Translation Pack

こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa!) The Japanese Translation Pack is available in Version 4.3. We also have lots of our resources available in Japanese translations, for example, our brochure!

  • Report Updates

In our newest release, we have made a few updates to our reporting capabilities.

  1. Report Headers & Footers are now user-definable.
  2. New Fonts.
  3. Auto-Syncing To Crystal Reports.
  • New Calculations

We have added more standard calculations including:

  1. Calculate EAC Amount From Contract Packages
  2. Calculate Actuals To Date + ETC Detail
  3. Percent Complete Calculation For PO & Contract Line Items
  4. Global Spread Staffing Plan

(Read more about these in the release notes!)

  • Staffing Plan Updates

You now have more control and visibility over the staffing plan. The entire process has been streamlined to make your life just a little bit easier.

  • Improved Integration

Schedule integration has expanded to the Engineering and Field modules, Estimating is now better integrated with the other modules, and Docs and PRISM G2 are fully connected. Overall, the experience is even more centralized than before.