Improving Visibility in Capital Projects

Posted by Gail Medley on Feb 17, 2016 3:13:21 PM

Projects are getting larger and more complicated with each passing day. In order for organizations to remain competitive they must find a way to improve their efficiency and visibility when managing projects. A lack of visibility or efficiency can cause an array of issues in a project.  If team members are unable to easily access information it limits their capability to make decisions or detect risks, ultimately undermining project success.



An organization can increase visibility by implementing these best practices including:

  • improving accountability
  • maximizing communication
  • focusing on process efficiency
  • implementing a well-designed and standardized project coding structure
  • empowering your organization with a project management system

The simplest (and often most effective) way to improve visibility and efficiency is through the use of a project management system. The better the system, the easier the project becomes to manage – and the more likely it becomes to achieve project success.

A project life cycle management system, such as ARES PRISM, improves efficiency due to a disciplined approach to gathering and consolidating data - enabling integration of cost, time and resource planning. Roles are well defined and thus provide clear visibility, authority, and accountability. A project management system also makes it easier to implement best practices and standardized coding structures.

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Interested in learning more about improving efficiency and visibility in your organization?  Check out this handy white paper on Improving Efficiency and Visibility in Capital Projects. The paper explores potential strategies to overcome inefficiencies and increase visibility when managing projects. There is a discussion of best practices than can be employed, as well as a discussion about the benefits of implementing a project controls software solution. 




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