Where We've Been - Follow PRISM to British Columbia, Alaska, Colorado, and California

Posted by Tiffany Minegar on Apr 28, 2016 11:21:43 AM


image3.jpgARES PRISM has continued its journey around the globe. This time, we have visited British Columbia, Alaska, Colorado, and California.  We have enjoyed meeting all of our PRISM fans along the way.


British Columbia - Vancouver

Our Vancouver Breakfast Seminar was held on Wednesday, March 30th, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!  We enjoyed meeting all of the seminar attendees and discussing how to optimize their project controls teams.  One of our favorite discussions was looking at the different roles in an organization and seeing how a tool like PRISM can help everyone communicate more effectively. 


Alaska - Ancorage

Next, we presented at the AACE Alaska Western Workshop on April 8-9th. We enjoyed serving on a discussion panel, demonstrating the many benefits of PRISM G2 software suite, as well as discussing the newly emerging topic of Cognitive Business Intelligence.  Wonderful people at this event, you should attend next year!



Colorado - Colorado Springs

The National Space Symposium was held from April 11-14 at Broadmoor's Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center in Colorado Springs.  This event brought in the crowds with over 9,000 attendees coming together from all sectors of the space community!  We enjoyed exhibiting at the event and answering visitors questions about ARES PRISM software.  We also loved meeting some of the younger generation at the event and encouraging them to be future cost management professionals!



California - Pasadena and Walnut Creek

And lastly, we finished out this month with great breakfast seminars in Pasadena on April 26th and Walnut Creek on April 28th. California is a large state so we figured we would do our best to include everyone by expanding our visit to both northern and southern California.  Not only did we enjoy a delicious breakfast, but our attendees also came away with some goodie bags and helpful resources that they can use at their own organizations. 



Where are we going next, you might ask?  Keep a look out for ARES PRISM at the Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference in Australia, AACE Annual Meeting in Canada, and the Africa Rail Conference in South Africa.  Check out our Events webpage to learn more. 

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