Cheat Sheet: Mitigating the Most Common Software Implementation Risks

Posted by Tiffany Minegar on Feb 19, 2015, 5:01:00 PM

Mini_Cheat_SheetAccording to Top Risk Mitigation Strategies - A Proven Software Implementation Plan, many organizations make simple mistakes that can delay and cripple an implementation.  In fact, even once these mistakes are recognized, "many projects fail to implement corrective actions in time and then do not deliver a return on the company's initial investment."

Are you ready for your software implementation?  Make sure that you not only recognize the most common  implementation risks, but that you have a mitigation plan prepared just in case you need it. Download this cheat sheet to learn about the:

  • common risks assocated with software implementations
  • consequences for failing to mitigate these risks
  • likelihood that these risks will occur during the implementation
  • highlights of a proven mitigation plan for a successful implementation



Cheat Sheet Download


To learn more about risk mitigation strategies for software implementations and view a full project controls implementation plan, download the full white paper today!

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