ARES PRISM is the Solution of Choice for State Nuclear Power Engineering Company (SNPEC)

Posted by Gail Medley on Jun 15, 2016, 3:51:46 PM

snpeccrane.pngBURLINGAME - SNPEC has successfully implemented ARES PRISM as their enterprise project lifecycle management tool for ensuring the completion of their nuclear projects. SNPEC is currently involved in the development of four units of two AP1000 pressurized water reactors in the Sanem & Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant. Developed by Westinghouse, the AP1000 represents state-of-the-art nuclear power technology. This multi-billion dollar project is incredibly complicated and requires a rigorous project controls process in order to achieve success.

 Over a two-month period, SNPEC was able to implement PRISM cost management for 50 users.  PRISM aligned SNPEC’s schedule and budget to deliver dependable forecasts and accurate views of project performance.

 “The biggest reason we would recommend ARES PRISM is that it is a functional, mature, and easy-to-use system. It meets project EVM requirements and ultimately results in the highest possible rate of productivity,” stated Jing Jing, Software Engineer, SNPEC. Read more of the SNPEC case study.

“State Nuclear Power Engineering Company (SNPEC) is a great example of an organization taking steps to implement global best practices to manage their project controls,” said Scott Hyman, Vice President, ARES Project Management LLC. “This investment demonstrates State Nuclear Power Engineering Company (SNPEC), and the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), commitment to global excellence.  Together, ARES Project Management and ARES Corporation Australia Pty Ltd have supported SNPEC with a smooth roll-out of PRISM.”

ARES PRISM is looking forward to partnering with other organizations in China to repeat the success we demonstrated at SNPEC. We work with companies in Government, Infrastructure, Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Power & Utilities.

SNPEC Case StudyTo learn more, download our case study. This case study shares how State Nuclear Power Engineering Company used PRISM to improve productivity. SNPEC was able to integrate cost & schedule, create dependable forecasts, effectively produce reports, and meet Earned Value Management standards.


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