ARES PRISM is a Finalist in the London Construction Awards 2018

Posted by Tiffany Minegar on Jul 12, 2018, 8:35:45 PM

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION OF THE YEAR - BadgeThe London Construction Awards are one of the most prestigious construction awards in London and aim to recognize achievements, development and innovation in the booming construction industry. They feature a wide range of award categories and just announced that ARES PRISM is a finalist for the Technological Innovation of the Year award.

This award acknowledges the importance of technological innovations especially in the construction industry and recognizes ARES PRISM as a pioneer in program change management.  ARES PRISM saw that there was gap in the industry for change management functionality and worked diligently to create a software product to fill that gap. Through change management innovation, earned value management, and integration, ARES PRISM has helped redefine how UK delivers major projects and programs. 

The London Construction Awards Ceremony is taking place at the Royal Garden Hotel on October 23, 2018 and we look forward to participating.  



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