How Accurate is Your Forecast?

Posted by Tiffany Minegar on Oct 18, 2013, 10:03:00 AM


Total Visibility. Total Control. Total Financial Picture.

At many organizations, project cost management information is spread across many different project engineers using sophisticated spreadsheets resulting in inconsistency across projects and often erroneous data. The risk - inaccurate forecasting and increased costs. Can the projects you manage afford this?

ARES PRISM delivers the deep functionality your firm needs to gain total visibility into your projects and take total control through:

  • Top-down, bottom-up, visibility into your capital plan
  • Proactive risk management
  • Complete change control
  • Accurate performance measurement
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G2 Cost Management allows you to seamlessly integrate project schedules and initial cost estimates to develop time-phased budgets and forecasts. In this PRISMG2 Cost Management Demonstration, learn how the PRISMG2 Cost Management package reduces the effort needed to manage your project's cost and keep the project on schedule. You can eliminate surprises because ARES PRISM delivers data you can trust with clear accountability. Plus, with implementation in as little as 12 weeks, ARES PRISM users see the fastest ROI in the industry.


For over 15 years ARES has worked with Oil & Gas, Chemical & Mining firms to standardize, optimize and automate project management processes around an integrated platform solution. Learn how we have helped other firms gain deeper insight into their projects, enabling faster decision-making with accurate, reliable and repeatable forecasts you can trust.


Ways to learn more...


  1. Visit our Oil, Gas & Chemical Industry page.
  2. Learn more about how PRISMG2 is used in the Mining Industry.
  3. Register for a PRISMG2 Online Demonstration.

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